Eagle Charters offers two different packages. Choose from a 6-hour trip or an 8 hour adhere to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation laws. If you catch the limit of salmon or brown trout prior to your 6 or 8-hour trip mark, then we will return to the marina. Costs are $625 for the 6-hour trip and $725 for the 8-hour trip. We can accommodate up to 1-4 people in a group for the $600 and $700 trips. Each additional person is $100 extra with a cap of 6 people.  We are equipped to take credit cards for payment. We are well networked with other captains and can help you plan an outing for larger groups with other area fishermen and boats. Give us a call if you are looking to book a large group.

What Do We Supply

We supply all of the needed fishing equipment, tackle and related boating requirements. We provide the boating gear, and the decades of experience on the water fishing these waters.

What Should you Bring?

You will need a valid New York State Fishing License. You can learn more about acquiring a fishing license on the New York Environmental Conservation website

You should keep in mind that temperatures on the water can vary greatly from what they are on the shore. Plan for it to be at least 10 degrees on average, cooler than it is on shore. Bring warm clothes, a rain coat/boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, and any other necessary items that you think you will need to enjoy the day comfortably.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Safety is a top priority for us. We will not go out on the water if we think that it is unsafe. If the weather is unsafe for us to go out, we will cancel the trip and allow you reschedule at a time when it is not unsafe for us to go out.

We Look Forward to Your Trip!